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At the heart of Taqueria Los Comales Lombard you will find an open embrace of multiculturalism, a celebration calling for the “best of the best,” by which we mean everything—ingredients, spices, food, recipes, service, and culture.

In doing so, we offer a variety of meats, including “Al Pastor” taco (grilled onions and our Adobo marinade), Bistec (tender skirt steak, cut and prepared with special seasoning), Pollo (marinaded chicken), Tripas (beef tripe), Lengua (beef tongue), Barbacoa (steamed beef), Suadero (flank steak), and Cecina (seasoned strip beef).

Here at Los Comales, we serve up freshly prepared authentic Mexican food in an environment that serves as a tribute to the American community it resides in.

Talk about getting the best of both worlds.

That’s the way it’s been since the beginning.

Going all the way back to the 70s, Los Comales has stayed true to its original vision—to serve quality food with fast service, all at an affordable price! And while Chicago has emerged as the undisputed center of production and distribution for Mexican food in the U.S., Los Comales has been right there with the city through it all. Today, so many years later, it is a great source of pride to see an American culinary leader like Rick Bayless embrace Mexican cooking and cuisine the way he has.

The truth is, done correctly, there is no better food to be found than authentic Mexican food. Rick Bayless knows it and so do patrons of Los Comales!

Manuel Luna, owner of Los Comales Lombard, together with franchise owner Camerino Gonzalez are looking forward to continuing the quest to perfect the freshest, most delicious ingredients available.      

This newest location is a sight for sore eyes, not because Lombard is lacking in quality Mexican food (it isn’t), but because tradition is something Los Comales knows a lot about and the difference translates into everything we do. That’s that multiculturalism we mentioned earlier, the “best of the best,” by which we mean everything—ingredients, spices, food, recipes, service, and culture.

So come in and taste the flavor of Mexico at Taqueria Los Comales Lombard.

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